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Setting up your phone number on Mteja
Setting up your phone number on Mteja
Written by Diviniah Mbaire
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What is a Phone Number?

The phone number allows a business to make and receive calls without the need for a phone system (PBX) hardware.

How does the Phone Number work?
The phone number allows agents in your call center, to make and receive calls using the same number.

How to set up your phone number

Click on the Call Center button on the navigation bar.

Click on Virtual Numbers from the call centre menu

First, click on Configure button to start the process

The page will open on the 'Setup Phone Number' prompt page shown below.

Under Basic Details, You will be prompted to give your number a user-friendly name (this is an optional step).

Next, toggle the 'Record calls' setting so that your calls can be recorded on the platform. If you would not like to record your calls on Mteja, skip this step.

2. Next, toggle the 'Receive inbound calls' setting to allow your number to receive calls on the platform. Click next.

You will then be asked to select the working hours for your number, Always Open, means that you can receive calls at any time, while Custom, can allow you to set up times when you can and cannot receive calls.

3. Scroll up and click SAVE To complete the configuration.

To set up a Custom Working hours schedule, where you set up how your callers interact with your IVR flow based on certain hours in the day, click on Custom and select the Configure button

This will allow you to access a timetable which you will customise based on your need.

Click on one day of the week, and select the opening hours and closing hours for the flow, for example, 00:00 to 08:59 a.m. for an out-of-office flow. Callers will hear a message letting them know what the office hours are and that agents are not available at that time.

Select the next time block for when the agents are online to pick up calls.

Each day ends at 11:59 p.m. and the time selection has to be repeated individually. On days like Saturday or Sunday when the agents are not available, select All Day, then select the call flow.

Once you have completed filling in the time selections, click on the save button

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your phone number and can start fielding calls from your customers.

NB: Integrations; This section allows users to configure any APIs using the call-back functionality on Mteja and other third-party applications.

Please reach out to if you need more help setting up your phone number.

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