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Setting up a call queue on Mteja
Setting up a call queue on Mteja
Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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What is a Call Queue?

A call queue, also known as a virtual queue, is a virtual line that callers fall into when they call a business, but an agent isn't immediately available.

Once an agent becomes available, the next caller in line will be automatically assigned to the agent.

How to create a Call Queue

Below is Mteja's Genius interface, showing just how easy it is to set up a new call queue.

  1. Select call queues from the cloud call center menu

2. Click on the Create button

3. Key in the call queue name and description, then click NEXT

4. Set up the Audio settings for the queue

a) Welcome audio: Indicate the welcoming audio message that would play, when a caller is introduced into the queue. This is an optional step. If you wish to not set up welcome audio, leave the tick on No welcome audio.

b) Queue Music: Indicate the queue music audio, this is optional. If not set up a default call queue music will be played when callers are waiting to be served.

c) Hold music: Indicate the hold music, this is optional. The audio will play in the event you put a caller on hold after the agent has picked up the call, then click NEXT.

5. Select a call distribution strategy.

The strategies available are:

i. Fair: The least active (and online) agent will receive the call first, and after some delay (advantage), the next agent will receive a call. The first agent to pick wins the race. This can be set for Day, Week or Month.

ii. Ring all: The system will initiate a call to every available online agent at the same time, and the first one to pick up the call wins the race. (Note: This strategy means that one call will be displayed to all the available agents until one of them picks up, the caller terminates the call or the maximum caller wait duration is exhausted.)

iii. Sequential: Agents are arranged in the order of who should receive the call first. After some delay (advantage), the next agent will receive a call. (Note: This introduces skill-based routing, For instance, where the most skilled agent would be first on the queue.)

In the example below the routing strategy fair with the consideration for DAY has been selected.

Click NEXT.

6. Set up the Waiting time on the call queue.

a) Maximum caller wait time: this determines how long a caller should wait on the call queue before a call is directed to an offline number or the call is terminated on the system to allow for a call back at a later time. The default maximum wait time is 20 minutes.

b) Maximum agent ringing time: Indicate the minutes a call should ring for each agent on the before being transferred to another agent in the queue. This works for the Fair and Sequential call queue strategies. The maximum agent ringing time is 1 minute and 30 seconds. (Note: Calls would still be displayed to the agents until the call is picked up, the caller hangs up or the maximum caller wait time elapses.)

c) Agent advantage time: set a delay before routing call to the next agent when call is routed to an agent in fair or sequential call distribution strategy. (Note: The call would still be displayed to the original agent who received the call the first time.) The default agent advantage time is 20 seconds.

Click NEXT.

5. Adding agents and the offline number(s) on the queue

a) Select the agents who should be in the queue under the Agent settings.

b) Click on the ADD OFFLINE NUMBER button, to add a number that should receive a call if the call exhausts the maximum caller wait time it can wait in a queue.

c) Indicate the offline numbers, where calls should be directed

Click on the ADD OFFLINE NUMBER button to input additional offline numbers

d) Indicate the calling number, this is your Mteja virtual number.

NB: To remove an offline number, click on the X button next to the number you would like to remove.

e) Click PREVIEW to review the call queue set up.

5. Click update to complete the set up of the call queue.

Click this guide article to see how to add the call queues to your call centre.

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