What are call campaigns?

The call campaign feature enables you to make mass automated calls to a large list of recipients at once by scheduling the calls to be made at a particular time. The call plays a selected call flow that could either have an audio or a series of actions to be followed by the recipient.

How to set up your call campaign.

  1. From the IVR/Call Center menu, select the Call Campaign button:

2. Select the Create Campaign button, to create the account

Fill in the required details.

a) Select the type of campaign you would like to send. (In the example below we will showcase a simple campaign).

b) Campaign name and Description

c) Select the caller ID i.e. the Phone number to be used to send the broadcast

d) Select the call flow to be executed when the call is received.

Click the Next button

e) Add the recipients, this can be done by adding an Excel file (csv format) by clicking on the Files button

or selecting a group of uploaded contacts

f) Set up the Time and Frequency

Select the time that you would like the call to take place. The time is in 24hr format, and it automatically detects the timezone while setting up.

g) Next, indicate the frequency that you would like the call to be made if applicable. This can be Once, Days of the week, Days of the month and Days of the Year, depending on your need.

h) Select the date and day the call should be made

Select the last day a call campaign should take place if you selected Days of the week, Days of the month and Days of the Year, under frequency or if the calls should take place for more than one day.

i) Indicate how many time you would like the call to be retried if the recipient is unavailable during the first call. You have the option to retry the call up to 10 times and up to a maximum of 6 hours intervals.

Click Create to complete

The call campaign is shown on the call campaigns page, with the status waiting

How to view reports on call campaigns.

Once a call campaign has taken place, the status changes to complete.

i) Select the call campaign you wish to view the report for.

Click on the REPORT button to view the reports of calls made.

The report will include details such as call duration, status, number of retries and hangup reason. Click here to learn more.

ii) Click on the Analytics button to view a summary report of the call campaign.

iii) Click on the GENERATE button, to initiate

The call campaigns reports can also be exported in an Excel file, for further analysis. Click on the Export icon.

Reach us at support@mteja.io with any questions you may have regarding the call campaigns feature.

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