The schedule feature allows you to send messages on a later date automatically. The feature is available when sending a bulk SMS or a Custom bulk SMS.

How do I schedule an SMS? 

In this example we will schedule a Bulk SMS.

On your dashboard, select an APP, 

 Click on the Bulk SMS button, then select the Send SMS.

Select your sender ID

Key in the phone number or the name of your group (learn more on how to add contact groups here)

Alternatively you can select the Add recipients button to add your recipients from an Excel file

Under the Actions, clicking on the minus (-) removes the recipient from the messaging list.

Type the message in the message box

 then click on the Schedule this SMS? button, to schedule the message.

Click on the Send SMS button.

Fill in the details 

Select the message to view the delivery reports for the message

Click on the Preview SMS page to view the details on when the message will be sent

Click the SEND SMS button to complete the schedule process.

To view the scheduled message, check the Scheduled page

All successful messages yet to be sent have the status waiting.
All messages successfully sent have the status completed.

How can I cancel a Scheduled message?
Click on the message, click on the Cancel button to delete the message. 

Can I edit a scheduled message?

One can only add recipients to the contact list or remove recipients from the list.

You can add recipients by typing the contact's number manually, or by adding an Excel file

Removing a recipient is done by clicking on the delete icon parallel to the contacts number.

Click on the SAVE button to complete the changes.

Contact us at with any questions you may have regarding the scheduling feature.

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