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How to Schedule an SMS on Mteja?
How to Schedule an SMS on Mteja?

How to, Schedule message

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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The schedule feature allows you to send messages on a later date automatically. The feature is available when sending a bulk SMS or a Custom bulk SMS.

How do I schedule an SMS? 

In this example, we will schedule a regular SMS broadcast.

Upon logging into the dashboard, select your APP,

Click on the SMS button from the menu

Click on Broadcasts, then click on the Create button from the SMS Broadcast menu and select the regular option.

Click on the Name (Optional) button, to name your broadcast

Key in the name of the broadcast then click SAVE. Please note this is an optional step, as it does not affect the sending of message broadcasts.

Click on the FROM button and select the channel to be used; that is Sender ID, Shortcode or Keyword, from the drop-down list:

Click on SAVE

Click on the TO button, to select the recipients: this can be done by attaching an Excel File, or Contacts on the platform e.g. selecting a tag or manually by typing the number. (In example below, contacts are uploaded via an Excel file in .xlsx format.)

Click on the Message button, and type in your message. Click on the SAVE button

 then click on the Schedule (Optional) button, to schedule the message.

Fill in the details, select how often you would like to send out the message. Select the time that you would like the message.

Select the repeat cycle: how often you would like the message to be sent sent out.

Choose the number of days that the message will be going out, based on your repeat cycle. The last day (optional), is used when the message is scheduled to out more than once. Click on the SAVE button.

Click the SEND SMS button to complete the schedule process.

Click Send to schedule the message. To view the scheduled message, check the Scheduled page.

All successful messages yet to be sent have the status waiting.
All messages successfully sent have the status completed.

How can I cancel a Scheduled message?
Click on the scheduled message, click on the Cancel button, type in cancel schedule and click the CONFIRM button to cancel the message. 

Can I edit a scheduled message? No, there is no way to edit a scheduled message.

Contact us at with any questions you may have regarding the scheduling feature.

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