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What is a WhatsApp Message Template? How Do I Create a Message Template?
What is a WhatsApp Message Template? How Do I Create a Message Template?

WhatsApp Template

Written by Diviniah Mbaire
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What is a WhatsApp Template?

Message templates are pre-designed messages that businesses can use to start conversations with their customers on WhatsApp. They are the only type of messages that can be sent to customers who haven't contacted your business before or haven't messaged your business in the last 24 hours.

Message templates must be approved before you can send them to customers.

NB: WhatsApp may disable your templates if they receive negative feedback from customers. (e.g. If the message was offensive, spam, irrelevant, misleading, violation of privacy, etc). Once disabled, a template can't be sent again until its quality rating improves or it complies with WhatsApp's business policies.

How to create a message template

I). Click on the WhatsApp Icon on your Mteja Dashboard

II). Select the number you would like to send your message with

III). Click on Templates:

IV). Click 'Create' in the top right corner.

V). Fill in the prompts and click next.

VI). Fill in the prompts to meet your specific use case and click 'Next'. See the example below:

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

VII). Check the preview to confirm whether all details are correct, then click 'Create'.

VIII). Once submitted, the approval process may take up to 24 hours. To ensure a smooth process, please create your message templates in advance. After approval, the status will change from Pending to Active, but it may be marked as Rejected if it doesn't meet all the necessary criteria.

Reach us at if you need further assistance on how to create a message template.

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