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How to view and export call broadcast reports on Mteja
How to view and export call broadcast reports on Mteja

Call broadcasts, reports

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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Once a call broadcast has been successfully scheduled, it will appear on the reports page.

Different statuses will be shown on the call campaigns logs;

  • Waiting: the call broadcast is yet to be processed.

  • Completed: the call broadcast has been successfully processed.

  • Cancelled: the call broadcast was cancelled and therefore not processed.

How to view reports on call campaigns.

i) Once a call campaign has taken place, the status changes to completed. Click on the view button under actions.

You will be able to view analytics for the call broadcast.

The table highlights details the following information:

Recipients: total number of recipients that were called.

Success rate: number of calls that were picked up.

Attempts per call: number of retries per call.

Missed & Failed: number of missed or failed calls.

Picked first time: number of recipient who picked up the first time.

Listened to (the) end: callers who listened to the entire call before hanging up.

Total call duration: how long the entire call broadcast was.

Total call cost: how much the call broadcast was.

ii) Click on the View Logs button, to view the report which will include details such as call duration, status, number of retries and hangup reason. Click here to learn more.

iii) The data is automatically filtered on the call logs page.

iv) The call broadcast reports can also be exported for further analysis. Click on the Export icon, and select the GET button.

v) The data is presented in the format below when viewed using the Excel program

Reach us at with any questions you may have regarding the call broadcast feature.

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