Mteja enables businesses of any size to engage with potential and existing customers in a personalized way at scale.

Here is how Mteja will enable your business to effectively communicate:

Call Center

Optimize your marketing and communication activities by sending out call campaigns and reach your customers using voice calls.

Set up a call center in 3 easy steps, to make and receive calls from anywhere.

Have one phone number used by numerous members, reaching multiple customers.

Bulk SMS

Send marketing campaign messages to numerous customers and track the delivery.

Run customer support activities using conversations on a unified shortcode.

Personalize your customer SMS and send specific messages at scale.


Incentivize customers with airtime as an effective tool for promotions and surveys.

Reward customers to encourage repeat purchases and build brand loyalty.

Send airtime to several staff members at once and monitor the delivery reports.

Talk to us to find out how your business can derive more value from using the Mteja service.

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