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How Mteja's Bulk Calls Solution Can Automate Customer Engagement for your Business during the COVID-19 Crisis
How Mteja's Bulk Calls Solution Can Automate Customer Engagement for your Business during the COVID-19 Crisis

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Written by Edwin Muigai
Updated over a week ago

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused grave impact on businesses and economies across the globe. With lockdowns being imminent in many places across the world, businesses must now figure out how to efficiently run their operations away from office so as to ensure business continuity, while guaranteeing the safety of both staff and customer. 

Why should your business consider using Mteja's Call Campaigns solution for your sales activities?

Mteja's cloud customer engagement platform ( enables over 100 businesses across 8 African markets to easily manage conversations over SMS and calls. Our virtual phone system enables business owners, marketers and sales reps to effortlessly make thousands of automated phone calls.

Call Campaigns 

The Call Campaigns feature is a bulk calling solution that enables your business to deliver voice messages to any phone number in the world at scale.

Setting up an Automated Calling System is Easy as 1...2...3...

  1. Record the voice message on the web platform 

  2. Upload your contacts list

  3. Schedule the date and time for your call campaign

You also have the additional option of tracking user responses and triggering custom actions that are tailored to your needs.

Mteja's call campaign solution allows you to call multiple numbers at once from your business number and to play a marketing message with a CTA that allows interested prospects to get connected to an agent, who can convert them into a sale.

Here are Other Ways the Call Campaigns Solution Can Automate Engagement for your Organization:

  1. Customer Surveys - Easily run customer surveys on calls at scale, with analytics on responses

  2. Debt Collection Reminders - Easily send out personalized payment reminders at scale, with automatic call retries for missed/rejected calls 

  3. Emergency notifications - Easily send out urgent information to your staff or clients via calls with prompts for acknowledgement, and get comprehensive reporting on the dashboard. Useful for security alerts, shift schedules, communication by management

  4. Festive Season's Greetings - Reach your customers at scale with a personalized voice message from the CEO on special occasions/holidays

Email us on to learn more about how your organization can quickly get started and benefit from using call campaigns.

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