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How Mteja's Call Campaigns Can Automate Business Communication Activities
How Mteja's Call Campaigns Can Automate Business Communication Activities
Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
Updated over a week ago

What are call campaigns?

The call campaign feature enables you to make mass automated calls to a list of recipients at once by scheduling the calls to be made at a particular time (Learn more). 

How your business can use call campaigns to automate sales activities:

Mteja's automated phone system offers both large and small business telephone services to help business owners, marketers, and sales reps make hundreds of automated phone calls without dialing a single digit.

With Mteja's call campaign, you can dial multiple numbers at once from one business number, play a marketing pitch with a CTA that allows interested prospects to get dialed back in to an agent, who can convert them into a sale.

Setting up an Automated Calling System is Easy as 1...2...3...

  1. Setup your recordings and script to your campaign

2. Upload your contacts list via an Excel file

3. Schedule your campaign

Here are just few other ways to use Mteja's call campaign feature to grow and sustain your organization:

  1. Emergency notifications system: Notify and give information to your staff or members of the public, about natural disasters such as; floods, earthquakes, disease outbreaks etc.

  2. School Notification system: use the service to send out calls to parents and guardians on reminders to special events e.g. AGM meetings, parent teacher conference, opening and closing days etc.

  3. Non- profit organizations: Send out donation requests and volunteer recruitment alerts.

  4. Property managements: Send alerts to tenants on events such as; expected constructions or refurbishment activities, security notifications etc

  5. Staff notifications: Quickly share time-sensitive information with staff members e.g. security alerts.

  6. Send marketing messages: Great for retail stores and restaurants! Start a phone list of customers and let them know of specials and upcoming discounts and deals  to increase sales easily.

Reach us at to learn more about how your organization can quickly get started and benefit from using call campaigns.

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