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Exporting Call Records
Exporting Call Records

How to download Call logs history

Written by Diviniah Mbaire
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The record of calls made or received can be easily accessed and retrieved from the call logs section on the Cloud Call Center menu on the left-hand side.

On this view, you will see a summary of all the inbound and outbound calls made on your account recently as well as the duration and the exact date and time the call was made. It shows a history of all the calls made. 

You are able to filter the call logs in the following ways:

  1. Date range

  2. Status of the calls (Success, Missed, Rejected, Incomplete, Failed and Error)

  3. Contact

  4. Virtual Number (if you have more than one)

  5. Direction of the call (inbound or outbound)

  6. Country

  7. Call Flow

  8. Call Queue

  9. User

  10. Tags and Custom Fields

After selecting your preferred method of filtering, click on the export button at the bottom of your filter options.

 The exported file will be saved in your documents in csv format.

Some of the fields that will be displayed include:

The caller: The number that made a call to the platform for an Inbound call.
Collected Digits: This is the information entered during the call by the recipient during the call. For example ID number
Created: This is the time and date that the call was made or received.
Currency Amount: The cost for the call on the platform.
Destination: This is the number that was used to make the call for an outbound call and in the event of an inbound call, this is the number that made a call to the platform.
Direction: This indicates whether the call was an Inbound, Outbound or Schedule call in the event of a call campaign.
Duration:  This is the total number of seconds that the call lasted.
Final Command: The last action by the caller before they hang up.
Hangup Reason and hang-up disposition: This indicates whether the call went through and ended as it should on the platform. As well as, who ended the call. (Learn more)
​ Is Recorded: This indicates whether the call was recorded while on the platform. Indicated by True or False status.

Recordings: contains links to the call recording if the Is recorded is True
​ Tags: These are the tags applied to the calls such as Sales, Support etc. This can be configured as per the nature of calls received.

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