Select the Team and App that you would like to send the airtime from. 

In this case, Mteja Group is the Team and Test is the App. Once you have selected the App, click on Send Airtime.

Select the country, airtime amount and recipient(s) as explained in the How to send Airtime using Mteja article.

Instead of proceeding to Send the message, click on the Schedule this request? Button.

You shall be redirected to the Schedule Request page where you shall fill in more details on the scheduling.

Fill in the Description (This explains the purpose of the schedule. This could be the name of the group you are sending the airtime to or anything that you can use to identify the recipients to help you keep track of your schedules)

Schedule Time (This is the time that you want the recipient(s) to receive the airtime.) as well as Select date(s) (This is the day that the action is expected to take place).

You can proceed to Preview at this point if you do not want the scheduled action to be repeated and preceded to check out to preview the scheduled action.

If you would like the action to be repetitive, then proceed to the Repeat Cycle button (This is the frequency that you would like the action to take place.) It will give you the options; Once, Days of the Week, Days of the Month, Days of the Year.

Depending on your selection, you shall then refine it to a specific time. If you select Days of week, then you will indicate on which days of the week the schedule will take place.

For Days of Month, you shall select the days in that month when the repetition will be taking place. (Kindly note that you can select multiple days that the schedule will take place.)

For Days of Year, you shall select the days in the year when the action will take place. 

Once you have selected this, state when the scheduling expires by selecting the last day. Then proceed to Preview where you shall get a detailed preview of what your schedule will look like as well as highlighting any errors that may have occurred in the process.

Congratulations! Your airtime has now been scheduled and credits deducted from your wallet account.

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