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How to send different airtime amounts to recipients on Mteja.
How to send different airtime amounts to recipients on Mteja.

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Sending different airtime amounts.

Mteja allows you to send different airtime amounts to your recipients at once. The recipients can belong to the same country or be from different countries.

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare your Excel file, containing the phone numbers and amounts you wish to send to your recipients

2. On Mteja, log into the App and from the menu select the Airtime button

3. Click on Airtime broadcast page, 

4. From the Airtime Broadcasts menu, click on Create

5. Select the Different Amounts option

6. Under Recipients, select your contact list

7. Click on SEND NOW to send the airtime immediately

8. You will receive a confirmation message.

9. To schedule the Airtime broadcast click on the SCHEDULE FOR LATER button.

10. Under schedule, indicate the name and description of the broadcast

11. Indicate the time and day when the broadcast should be sent out (Schedule the broadcast at least 10 minutes into the future).

12. Click on the CREATE AND SCHEDULE button to complete the scheduling process. You will receive the following confirmation message.

To view the report, Click the Reports button under the Airtime menu

Click on View Logs to have a look at the Delivery report for each recipient.

All consolidated Reports for all scheduled airtime broadcasts are available on this page.

Click on View under the Actions to have a look at individual broadcast logs.

The Airtime Logs allow you to filter by Status, Contact, Country, Broadcast and Tags.

If you have any queries about the service, please reach out to us at

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