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Airtime Delivery Summary. Why does Airtime fail to be disbursed?
Airtime Delivery Summary. Why does Airtime fail to be disbursed?

Airtime delivery

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Airtime delivery summary.

All - Summary of all Airtime sent
Delivered- Airtime successfully sent and delivery report provided.
Failed- Airtime was not successfully delivered.

How long does it take for the Airtime to be delivered to the recipient(s)?
Once you have correctly followed the top up process, the airtime will be instantly delivered to your recipient.

There will however be a delay if there is a network failure or network operator service outage.

Will the recipients be notified of the Airtime Top Up?
Yes. Once you have confirmed the recipients list and sent the airtime, the recipients will receive two confirmation messages; one from ETOPUP and the other from their service provider.

The ETOPUP message will appear in the following way:

What happens if I send Airtime to an incorrect number?
In the event that you send airtime to the wrong recipient's number, the airtime will be delivered to that number (intended or not) and credits deducted from your wallet. However, if the number entered does not exist, you shall not be charged for the transaction.

Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the action once airtime has been delivered. However, the platform highlights invalid numbers in red while uploading to guide you as shown below.

You are therefore advised to check your list of recipients before pressing the send button.

Reasons for Airtime failure disbursement
Some of the reasons that may result in airtime not being delivered include:

  1. When a number is invalid.

  2. Insufficient funds in your Mteja wallet to complete the transaction.

  3. When a recipient's mobile number is on the postpaid plan, is inactive, or has been deactivated by the service provider.

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