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SMS delivery status. Why do messages fail?
SMS delivery status. Why do messages fail?

Delivery status, Messages failure

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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SMS delivery statuses on Mteja 

All- Summary of all the SMSes sent.

Delivered- Total number of SMSes successfully sent, and delivered to the recipient

Sent- SMS sent successfully and the telecom network has yet to share the delivery status i.e. Delivered or Failed

Rejected- List of recipients who opted out of your SMS list.

Failed- List of recipients whose messages were not successfully delivered.

Expired - List of recipients have not received the message. Status usually provided by the Airtel network.

If the status is Failed/ Rejected it may be for the following reasons: 

  • DeliveryFailure: This occurs when message delivery fails for any reason not listed above or where the MSP didn't provide a delivery failure reason.

  • UserIsInactive: This occurs when the subscriber is inactive or the account deactivated by the MSP (Mobile Service Provider).

  • UserInBlackList: This would occur if the user has been blacklisted not to receive messages from a particular service (shortcode or keyword).

  • NotNetworkSubcriber: This occurs when the message is passed to an MSP where the subscriber doesn't belong e.g. if the number has been ported.

  • UserDoesNotExist: This occurs when the message is sent to a non-existent mobile number.

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