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How to View Your Monthly Bills on Mteja
How to View Your Monthly Bills on Mteja
Written by Sheila Wandia
Updated over a week ago

Managing your monthly expenses is crucial for efficient budgeting, and Mteja makes it easier than ever with its Monthly Bills feature. This tool provides users with a transparent overview of their recurring charges, including subscription fees and resource maintenance fees. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to navigate the Monthly Bills page on Mteja's platform.

Begin by logging into your Mteja account. Once logged in, navigate to the Billing Centre dashboard, which can be found under Team Settings > Billing > Monthly Bills.

Upon reaching the Monthly Bills page, you'll encounter a user-friendly layout presenting essential details about your expenditures.

  1. Product:

    • This section displays the subscribed product or service. It provides clarity on which Mteja offerings contribute to your monthly charges.

  2. Item:

    • Gain insights into your subscription by reviewing the detailed breakdown of items included in your monthly plan. This could encompass a variety of resources like phone numbers, sender IDs, or USSD codes.

  3. Cost:

    • Understand the associated costs for each product or item. The cost section gives you a clear picture of how your expenses are distributed across different services.

  4. Date Created:

    • Keep track of when you initiated or modified your subscription. This timestamp provides a historical perspective on your subscription activities.

Should you have any questions or concerns while reviewing your Monthly Bills, Mteja offers dedicated customer support. Feel free to reach out to our support team at for prompt assistance. Our team is ready to address any queries or provide guidance to ensure a seamless experience with our platform.

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