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Mteja's Subscription Plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise
Mteja's Subscription Plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise

In this article, we will dive into the subscription offerings provided by Mteja.

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Mteja's Subscription Plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise

Mteja’s pricing structure comprises three plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise, each tailored to meet the varying requirements of users, from individuals to large enterprises. Let's dive into the details of each plan and the exciting features they bring to the table.

  1. Basic Plan: Cost: No Subscription Fee

The Basic plan allows for sending SMS and airtime through both the dashboard and API without any monthly fees. It's worth noting that, under the Basic plan, you are only charged for the cost of sending SMS and airtime. The features in our basic plan include:

1. Bulk SMS: Send regular & custom messages in bulk to your contacts seamlessly.

2. Airtime: Easily manage and distribute airtime to your contacts.

3. Contact Management: Streamline your contacts and enhance communication efficiency.

4. API Integrations: Automate the process of sending text messages and distributing airtime while ensuring that your Mteja contacts are automatically updated to align with your external system or database.

2. Business Plan: Cost: $50 per Month/User

Introducing the Business Plan by Mteja, priced at $50 provides a strong set of tools to improve how businesses connect with their customer base. This plan includes important features such as voice and messaging options. It also brings in more advanced tools like call flows, web dialler, call queues, and call recording.

Additional features included in the business plan are:

A) Cloud call center: a virtual or hosted call center, communication system that operates through cloud-based technologies.

B) Web Dialer: This is a User-friendly interface enabling direct calls from the web platform.

C) Call Flows (IVR - Interactive Voice Response): Create personalised voice menus for guiding incoming calls effectively with customised call flows using IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

D) Call Queues: This is a virtual waiting line that allows you to effectively manage and distribute incoming calls among available agents.

E) Call Recording: Record and store calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance.

F) Working Hours Configuration: Set specific hours for operations to manage call routing based on business hours.

G) Call Filters:

- Whitelist: Allow calls only from specified numbers.

- Blocklist: Block calls from specific numbers to reduce unwanted communication.

H) Call Logs: Detailed records of all incoming and outgoing calls for analysis and tracking.

I) Audio Library: Upload pre-recorded messages, record on the platform or use text-to-speech for use in IVR set-up.

J) Call Context: Tags, Custom Data, and Notes: Add context to calls for better organization and follow-up.

K) Voicemail: Allow callers to leave messages when agents are unavailable.

I) SMS Flows: This allows you to orchestrate the sequence of two-way messages designed to guide users through a predefined communication path, enhancing engagement and delivering information in a structured and interactive manner. This allows you to run trainings, collect data, conduct surveys and more

3. Enterprise Plan: Cost: $80 per Month/User

Mteja's Enterprise Plan, priced at $80 per month per user, offers a comprehensive suite of features. Whether it's facilitating team collaboration & managing customer interactions the Enterprise Plan provides a powerful toolkit. With access to a range of communication tools and resources, businesses can streamline communication processes, using products such as;

  • USSD: Build and deploy powerful USSD applications with no code.

  • SMS Feedback Tool (including Keywords): Set up and run SMS conversations to meet business needs such as surveys, chatbot interactions, data collection, training and more.

  • WhatsApp for Business: This platform empowers organisations to utilise the popular messaging app for smooth and effective communication, facilitating customer engagement, support, and transactions in a business-focused context, incorporating features such as Team Inbox for collaboration and Chatbots for automated interactions.

Additional features in the Enterprise include:

1. Live Dashboards: This is a real-time visual interface that provides instantaneous insights into key performance metrics, allowing immediate monitoring and analysis of call center activities, agent performance, and customer interactions.

2. Call Monitoring tools, such as Listen, Whisper, and Barge, empower call center supervisors to effectively monitor and manage agents by providing the capability to observe, provide discreet guidance (whisper), and intervene directly (barge) during customer interactions.

3. Call Broadcasts: Reach all your customers en-masse by broadcasting important voice messages to your recipients simultaneously, making communication more personal and engaging.

4. Connect Seamlessly with Integrations: Link your favourite management tools effortlessly, making your workflow smoother and information exchange more efficient.

5. AI-Powered Text-to-Speech: Use Artificial Intelligence to convert text to speech, ensuring your audios on the platform are clear and concise.

6. Sentiment Analysis: Check customer satisfaction easily with sentiment analysis, helping you make better decisions based on user feedback.

7. SMS & WhatsApp Menu Builders: They enable the implementation of versatile communication menus, incorporating features such as SMS surveys and WhatsApp Chatbots to enhance interactive and automated communication experiences.

8. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Gain in-depth insights with reporting and analytics, giving you a clear view of communication patterns and user behaviour.

The Enterprise Plan is designed for large enterprises that require advanced communication features to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Mteja's subscription plans offer a range of features catering to different communication needs. Whether you're an individual looking for basic tools or an enterprise seeking advanced solutions, Mteja has a plan for you. Choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and elevate your communication experience today. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at for assistance.

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