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How to export your sent messages on Mteja
How to export your sent messages on Mteja

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Written by Diviniah Mbaire
Updated over a week ago

Once you have successfully sent your SMS campaign and would like to track the delivery progress and export the data of the SMS sent.
Go to the SMS Broadcasts Menu Select 'Sent'.

The sent messages can be viewed on the platform from the SMS Broadcast menu on the left hand side.ย 

The page will give you an overview of all the messages sent previously.

You can export a report of individual SMS sent or a summary SMS sent over a certain period.

To export individual reports, select the SMS campaign from the list of sent messages; it will show you the delivery report page.
Select the export icon on the right-hand side to show the 'Get' command. Click on it to download the file in CSV format.

To download a summary report for the SMS campaigns, go to the sent view and click on the 'Export' icon on the right-hand side and indicate the period you'd like to export.

After selecting the period that you would like to export, click on the Export icon on the right side of the screen; then click on the GET button. You will get a summary detailed summary in a CSV file.

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