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Drive Growth and Increase Sales Using Mobile Rewards Using Mteja
Drive Growth and Increase Sales Using Mobile Rewards Using Mteja

Loyalty Programs with Mteja Customer Appreciation

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
Updated over a week ago

Getting customers is the initial step in creating a successful business. The user experience starts the moment a person enters into your business for the very 1st time. The ultimate goal of any business is to create lifelong loyal customers, and this ensures the highest rate possible of the customer’s discretionary spending would go to you.

The coronavirus pandemic has driven businesses to reorient their sales activities, in order to navigate through the disruption and plan for the recovery. Research shows that it costs a business five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current customers. Marketers will have to get creative to find opportunities to deliver personal experiences to clients and customers from a distance.

Incentive-based marketing is the strategic use of motivational devices such as games and special pricing to influence your audience to perform an action. Whether this takes the form of a customer loyalty program or a one-off promotion, businesses put out special offers to incentivize customers to purchase their products. With this in mind, businesses would need reliable communication tools to assist them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Mteja ( is a communication platform that enables businesses of any size to easily structure and automate conversations with their customers. We serve over 100 businesses in 8 African markets to meet their daily sales activities over SMS and Calls channels. The platform allows businesses to personalize their engagement with leads and customers, with analytical capabilities that can help them track key metrics to the business.

Five Benefits Your Business Can Reap From Incorporating Mteja Into Marketing Activities:

1. Promote referral marketing: Allowing your own customers to tell your story makes that story through referrals resonate more strongly making it easy to sell. Rewarding your customers when they refer you to a new customer is a great way of saying thank you.

2. Create customer loyalty programs: Develop reward systems to enable customers to benefit from their relationship with you. For example, customers can be rewarded with Airtime every time they make a purchase of a certain amount.

3. Increase promotional campaigns participations: Incentivize customers by offering rewards to increase the participation of customers in marketing campaigns.

4. Boost new product assimilation: Reward customers who became the first customer to try out a new product or service.

5. Improve market research activities: Market research can identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and identify gaps in customer expectations. The platform allows marketing teams to run surveys, and easily reward participants.

Businesses should want to promote customer loyalty because those customers can help you grow your business faster than your sales and marketing teams. Customers convert and spend more time and money with the brands they're loyal to. These customers also tell their friends and colleagues about those brands, too which drives referral traffic and word-of-mouth marketing.

Talk to us on to learn more about how your business can use Mteja to engage with their customers.

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