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How To Utilize Your Customer Data On Mteja To Improve Service Delivery.
How To Utilize Your Customer Data On Mteja To Improve Service Delivery.

Improving customer service delivery

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
Updated over a week ago

The lifeblood of any organization, whether service-oriented or not, is good customer service. Good customer service usually means providing timely, attentive, upbeat assistance to a customer, and making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the business.

Poor customer service will send even the most loyal customers directly into the waiting arms of your competitors. A global research carried out by a leading customer relationship management solution provider, revealed that 47% of customers will stop buying from a company, if they have a subpar experience. The same study reveals that 76% of customers now say it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere.

It’s important for businesses to continuously monitor the quality of customer service delivery and take concrete measures to improve the service. Customer data is everything, and it has become easier to gather and access said data and use it to personalize experiences, improve customer service, and create more effective sales strategies.Therefore it is important, for a business to invest in data centric customer communication tools, that will enable them to consolidate their customer interactions in order to derive key insights that can enable them to provide satisfactory customer service.

Mteja offers a multi- channel cloud based solution ( that allows businesses of any size to engage with their customers at scale. We enable over 100 businesses in 8 African markets to easily manage conversations over SMS and Calls channels. The platform allows businesses to record and store all customer interactions, and highlights key trends, with capabilities of integrations with other customer relationship management tools that enable businesses to better serve their customers.

Here Are Four Ways Mteja Can Assist Your Business to Improve Customer Service Delivery:

  1. Monitor customer volume interactions: Service departments can be able to monitor the number of interactions they receive and at what times. The platform can be used to highlight key metrics such as; when the business receives the most traffic, when a department misses the most calls. This data can allow the business to: allocate adequate resources, for example; assigning additional manpower during expected peak times, or changing hours of operation; if you receive many queries after business hours to address their customers needs.

  2. Anticipate customers needs: The platform can help to identify unique trends such as; an increased interaction with foreign businesses, whose customer base may require assistance in their local language. Management can use the data to determine whether to acquire personnel who are multilingual to ensure that all customers are assisted.

  3. Monitor frequent customer issues reported: Agents are able to tag customer interactions based on the nature of the complaints. By monitoring these trends, your managers can identify where gaps lie in the products or services offering, or points of service delivery that need improvement. This allows the business to deliver a consistent support experience, thus improving overall customer delivery.

  4. Monitor customer satisfaction: By conducting regular customer surveys such as Net Promoter Score. This data helps management to gauge the customer's overall satisfaction, with your company's product or service and the customer's loyalty to your brand. This is key in ensuring that revenue grows and customer attrition rates are kept low.

Customer data is a powerful tool that, when utilized correctly, it can make all the difference to how a business operates. Not only can it help you to improve the customer service you provide, it also enables you to improve your company and products, create customer loyalty, which contributes to business longevity.

Talk to us at to learn more about how your business can be able to improve its customer service.

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