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How Mteja's Call Campaigns Can Scale Sales And Marketing For Your Business Via IVR.
How Mteja's Call Campaigns Can Scale Sales And Marketing For Your Business Via IVR.

Benefits of Call Campaigns Feature to Sales & Marketing

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
Updated over a week ago

Having a great product or service does not guarantee the growth of a business. Increasing sales requires potential and existing customers to understand that a product or service exists, what value it offers, and why it’s better than a competitor’s offering. The responsibility to increase revenues through constant engagement of potential and existing customers belongs to the sales and marketing teams.

As a result of the ongoing global Covid-19 crisis, customers and potentials are almost exclusively finding products and interacting with businesses via digital channels. Forward-thinking businesses recognise that adapting to this shift is not only imperative, but creates significant opportunities for the sales & marketing functions to enhance and streamline operations using digital tools such as telemarketing platforms.

Mteja's cloud customer engagement platform ( enables over 100 businesses across 8 African markets to easily manage conversations over SMS and calls.

Our Call Campaigns service enables businesses to reach leads at scale via automated calls, and provides ways of collecting information from the recipient of the calls. This enhances sales/marketing activities as it allows businesses to automate prompts and CTAs, which makes leads qualification effortless. While sales calls establish a personal connection with the potential customer, scaling this method of engagement becomes expensive and time consuming to the business.

Here Are Six Ways Mteja's Call Campaign Solution Can Enhance your Sales Activities:

  1. Reach your audience at scale - Send short targeted messages to customers and leads via calls highlighting a service or product that would help them quickly understand your value proposition.

  2. Improve Lead conversion rates - Incorporate call to actions (CTA) as part of the marketing engagements to collect information/insights from the leads. It is as simple as press 1 to sign up or press 2 to speak to an agent to get started.

  3. Increase customer retention rates - Easily set up periodic customer surveys using Call Campaigns. This makes it easy for a business to iterate its services based on actual customer feedback.

  4. Personalise Interactions - The Call Campaigns solution is language-agnostic, which allows businesses to set the language of engagement based on the recipient of calls. For example, you can prompt a lead to listen to a marketing message in English or Kiswahili during a call. Crossing language barriers is important to ensuring that communication is effective.

  5. Maximise engagement success rate - If the potential customer is not able to pick up a call at a certain time, automated retries increase the chances that a message will be received.

  6. Understand your customer using reports - Real-time reports and analytics on the dashboard allow businesses to measure the level and reception of their customer engagement campaigns, which serves as valuable insight about a marketing operation.

Targeted selling does not have to be like finding a needle in a haystack. Email us on to learn more.

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