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Working Remotely? How Mteja's IVR Solution Will Enable your Business to Stay On Course
Working Remotely? How Mteja's IVR Solution Will Enable your Business to Stay On Course

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Written by Edwin Muigai
Updated over a week ago

As governments around the world battle to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are playing their part by allowing employees to self quarantine while working from home. Working remotely demands a communication tool that makes collaboration on customer service easy, while providing insights on the quality of service being given.

Mteja's cloud customer engagement platform ( enables over 100 businesses across 8 African markets to easily manage conversations over SMS and calls. Here's how our IVR solution can enable your business to remain reachable on calls while working remotely:

  • Easily set up an interactive phone menu (IVR) on your local business phone number that will enable callers to easily navigate to the agent/call centre that can best serve them. Create an offline IVR schedule to route calls to Voicemail or night shift agents 

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere - By running on the cloud, Mteja enables mobility to do business from anywhere, and makes it easy for a business to centralise or decentralise certain customer services. For example, a support agent in Kenya can answer a call from Uganda and transfer it to the tech team in Nigeria. Mteja's dashboard is accessible on any internet enabled device.

  • Resolve common queries faster by creating self-service IVR menus with informative audios that allow customers to resolve their frequent issues without speaking to an agent

  • Availability when offline - If you have internet connectivity problems, calls can be easily redirected to agents' personal phone numbers to avoid loss in productivity and sales. Additionally, call logs, recordings, notes and tags among other contextual data will always be stored on the cloud and accessible on the Mteja dashboard

  • Pay for what you use when you need it - Mteja's cloud telephony system enables businesses to increase or reduce users based on the business needs. You can also buy phone numbers for certain marketing campaigns. You can increase agents to take calls at the end of the year when you are running aggressive sales campaign, and remove them when you don't need them any more

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