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IVR/ Call centre: Caller hang up dispositions| Hang up reason
IVR/ Call centre: Caller hang up dispositions| Hang up reason

Reasons why a call ended on Mteja

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What is caller hang up disposition?

The hang-up disposition refers to how a call ended.

Under hang-up disposition

Send_bye - This message shows our system ended the call
Recv_bye - This indicates that we received a call ended notification.
Recv_cancel - This message shows that the recipient canceled the call.
send_cancel - This message shows that our system aborted the call

Recv_refuse - This message shows that our system could not process the call to the telecom provider.

What is hang up status?

This is a general status on the call showing the following:

Successful - The call made successfully and the recipient picked up
Failed - The call was not made successfully due to an system issue
Unanswered- The call was made successfully, but the recipient did not pick up

What is a hang up reason?

These are reports that accompany a hang up disposition, they offer more insight on the call. 

Under Hang-up-reason

THE_NORMAL_UNSPECIFIED:  A normal event is provided only when no other cause for failure applies.
NETOWRK_OUT_OF_ORDER: This indicates that the network connectivity to the telco is not functioning correctly and or that it is likely to last a relatively long period of time e.g. where immediately retrying the call is not likely to be successful.
NORMAL_CLEARING: This means that the call ended as expected and it was a normal call ending
ORIGINATOR_CANCEL: This means that the originator of the call disconnected the call.
NO_ANSWER:  This means that there was no response to the call made by the recipient.
USER_BUSY: This cause is used to indicate that the called party is unable to accept another call because the user busy condition has been encountered/engaged on another call.
NO_USER_RESPONSE: This is used when a called party does not respond to a call establishment message with either an alerting or connect indication within the prescribed period of time allocated for a call to take place successfully.
SUBSCRIBER_ABSENT: The report is when the called party's network provider is unable to establish a signal with the end/recipient party.
SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE: This cause is used to report a service not available.
USER_NOT_REGISTERED: This means you tried to originate a call to a user who forgot to register/hasn't registered their number.
UNALLOCATED_NUMBER: This cause indicates that the called party cannot be reached because, although the called party number is in a valid format, it is not currently allocated (assigned).
DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER: This cause indicates that the destination indicated by the user cannot be reached because the interface to the destination is not functioning correctly. The term "not functioning correctly" indicates that a signal message was unable to be delivered to the recipient party.

REJECTED - CALLER_FILTERED_OUT: Experienced when the whitelist option is activated. Where numbers in the whitelist are the only ones allowed to call a number.

NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE: Received after retries were made to reach the telecom service provider and all have failed.

RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE: Experienced after the maximum number of concurrent calls provided to our provider by the telecom was reached.

INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION: The error received by the provider's server when it is unable to process the request.

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