What is custom airtime?

Custom airtime is a feature that allows you to send different airtime amounts to your recipients at once.

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare your excel file, containing the phone numbers and amounts you wish to send to your recipients

2. On Mteja log into the App and from the App menu, select the Airtime button

3. Click on Send Airtime, 

4. Select the country that your recipients belong to

5. Select the Custom airtime switch

6. Select the custom file, to attach the excel file that contains the phone numbers and amount

7. Click on the Send button, 

Or you can opt to schedule the request, click on the Schedule Airtime Guide Article to learn more.

8. The SEND button takes you to the preview page to allow you to confirm your request

9. Click SEND AIRTIME to complete the request. To view the delivery summary of the sent airtime, from the overview menu click on the Sent button

10. The airtime requests will be shown as separate requests

11. Click on a request to view the delivery report

The record is also exportable, individually

Or a summary

If you have any questions about the custom airtime feature or the airtime service, reach us at support@mteja.io

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