What is a call flow?

It is also referred to as an Interactive Voice Response? (IVR). A call flow/ IVR is a sequence of actions to be executed when a call is received or made.  

How do I set up a call flow/IVR on Mteja?

  1. Select the App,

 2. Select the Flows button from the menu:

3. Click the CREATE NEW FLOW button

4. Select the flow type to create

5. Type in the call flow name, and description then click NEXT

6. Select the action button to select the first action, from the Steps menu on the left hand side.

List of actions allowed

Actions and their use:
To play a recorded audio, e.g. welcome message
Get Digits    
To capture numerical data, e.g. account number, age etc.
Allows caller to leave a voicemail that is accessible in the Voicemail page.

Call queues

Forwards calls to a virtual queue, when an agent isn't immediately available.

Allows for the call to be transferred to a phone number or browser
Gives caller cues on what action they should take, e.g. press 1 for English, press 2 for French etc.

Sample Call Flow

Here are the steps in setting up  a 2- step support help menu, to direct a caller to a department that they wish to contact.

  1.  Drag and drop the first step eg. In the sample below, the action selected is Play

2. Click on the select audio to play in order to add the audio file to play. This will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen. (See how to upload audio to the platform here.)

i) Select the audio from the drop-down list:

3. Select Prompt and drag it to the next step, on the right, you can set up the input cues, on how the caller can get connected to a department. Input a prompt name, and add the audio files. This will play the instructions to the caller on what digits to press to access help from a department. E.g. Press 1 for the Support department, Press 2 for the Sales department.

Additional prompt sub-menu action, you can also set include the following

i) Audio to play when an invalid digit is pressed,

ii) An audio to play when no action is taken / digit is pressed

iii) Time to wait before replaying the prompt audios, with the additional option of ending the call automatically.

Note: You may not need to select an audio for when no digit is pressed, as by default the system replays the menu.

4. Click the ADD PROMPTS button, to assign actions to the digits; i.e. what should happen after a caller keys in a digit.

Select the digits e.g. Digit 1 and Digit 2, then indicate a label to identify the steps

Drag and drop the next actions, from the Steps menu. E.g. call queue has been selected below. Click on Actions, and select the action. In example below call queues is selected here.

Complete the flow actions by indicating the actions to be taken, when a caller selects digit 2. Image below, shows completed prompt menu

Click on Create to complete the setting up the call flow.

Feel free to reach us at support@mteja.io with queries regarding how to set up a Call Flow.

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