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Empowering Excellence: Olivado EPZ Transforms Operations and Achieves Success with Mteja's IVR Solution
Empowering Excellence: Olivado EPZ Transforms Operations and Achieves Success with Mteja's IVR Solution

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Avocado farming and exports in Kenya have seen significant growth in recent years. The country benefits from favourable climate conditions that allow year-round production of high-quality avocados, particularly varieties like Hass, Fuerte and Puebla. Alongside avocado fruit exports, Kenya has entered the avocado oil production market, known for its health benefits and applications in cosmetics and culinary uses. The export industry has expanded to Europe, the Middle East, and other regions, making Kenya a prominent player in the global avocado market and boosting the economy while providing opportunities for small-scale farmers.

Introducing Olivado

Since its launch in 2000, the Olivado journey has gone from humble beginnings in a small New Zealand town to having its oils enjoyed by thousands of budding chefs around the world.

Olivado was the pioneer of the cold-pressed extraction method for extra virgin avocado oil, resulting in the healthiest, tastiest, and purest oil on the market.

As the world’s largest producer of extra virgin avocado oil, Olivado prides itself on its quality, sustainability practices, and commitment to its workers.

We decided to reach out to see how their experience has been using Mteja’s platform. Here is what Jones, the IT Admin, and James, the data administrator, had to say:

  • How did you first come across Mteja, and what challenges or goals led you to consider using the platform, and how have your initial expectations and goals evolved as Mteja helped you achieve them?

Our primary challenge centered around the management of our main office phone, with numerous farmers expressing dissatisfaction about unanswered calls. The inability to confirm whether calls were genuinely unattended or simply unreturned prompted us to seek a solution for streamlined call monitoring. Once we integrated with your platform, the issue was swiftly resolved. Now, we not only have the ability to interact with and review our call history but also to track inbound calls, distinguishing between successful and missed connections. Moreover, we gained the capability to monitor outbound calls to farmers, enabling a comprehensive analysis of weekly call activities. As a result, our customer service team now delivers a detailed report every Friday, providing valuable insights derived from this enhanced call history.

  • Can you share any metrics you measure that have improved since adopting Mteja?

Our Customer Support team is responsible for generating reports on all received calls, both inbound and outbound, including missed calls. We utilise Mteja to export this detailed information, enabling us to track the number of missed calls, returned calls, and the specifics of incoming and outgoing calls. Since Mteja was introduced, all missed calls have been returned, and since they have to give a report every week, it has helped them cater to every farmer, ensuring that no one goes unheard or unattended.

  • Were there any unexpected benefits or positive outcomes that you've experienced as a result of using Mteja?

We found it particularly intriguing that the platform allows us to send airtime to multiple users simultaneously. Over the past year and a half, we have been utilizing this feature to distribute airtime to our staff, and it has proven to be exceptionally beneficial. An additional advantage is that the platform offers detailed reports, enabling us to effortlessly track the total airtime disbursed.

  • How would you describe the level of support and assistance you've received from Mteja's customer success team during your journey with the platform?

Customer support is consistently excellent; whenever I send an email, I receive a swift response. The team is incredibly helpful, especially when we're unsure about navigating specific areas on the dashboard. A simple phone call allows the support team to guide us step by step.

  • On a scale of 1 - 10, are you likely to recommend Mteja to someone who might be interested in the service? Why?

8/10. It's a good platform, and the subscription fee is fair. The only issue they have is that the call per rate is on the higher side. Charging both the farmer and Olivado seems a bit unfair because the farmer is more cost-conscious.

Bottom Line

Olivado's partnership with Mteja has empowered them to enhance communication, improve response rates, and streamline their operations. As they continue to thrive in the avocado industry, they are setting new global standards, one drop of oil at a time, thanks in part to Mteja's reliable support and communication platform.

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