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USSD As a Data Collection Tool for Agritech Companies
USSD As a Data Collection Tool for Agritech Companies

USSD As a Data Collection Tool for Agritech

Written by Diviniah Mbaire
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Agriculture is a vital sector for many African economies, contributing significantly to their GDP and providing livelihoods to millions of people. As Agritech continues to expand rapidly in Africa, innovative solutions are being developed every day to tackle the challenges that farmers face, from increasing yields to reducing post-harvest losses. Despite the potential of Agritech to revolutionize farming practices, there are still hurdles that must be overcome to achieve sustainable growth. One of these challenges is data collection and management.

According to a published report by the World Bank, the lack of reliable data is a significant constraint to increasing agricultural productivity in Africa. Data collection is vital for making informed decisions that drive growth and improve outcomes for farmers. Without proper data, it's difficult to measure the effectiveness of these solutions, identify areas that require improvement, and provide valuable insights to farmers. In this article, we will delve into the obstacles faced by Agritech companies in data collection and explore why USSD is the most suitable technology for data collection.

Challenges Faced by Agritech Companies in Data Collection

The agricultural sector is vast and diverse, and collecting data from farmers can be a daunting task. Some of the challenges Agritech companies face in data collection include:

  • A gap in digital literacy: Some smallholder farmers, may not be familiar with how to operate complex mobile applications or access digital platforms.

  • Limited access to technology: Some farmers in Africa may not have access to smartphones, computers, or the internet, which can make it difficult to collect data using digital platforms.

  • Lack of reliable connectivity: Even in areas where farmers have access to technology, the internet, and mobile connectivity can be unreliable, making it challenging to collect data in real time.

  • High costs: Traditional data collection methods such as face-to-face interviews or paper-based surveys can be costly, especially in areas with a dispersed population.

Why USSD is the Perfect Technology for Data Collection

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology that allows for interactive communication between a user and a mobile network operator's system. USSD is widely used in Africa and is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, regardless of the type of device or the network provider. Below are some of the reasons why USSD is the perfect technology for data collection:

  • Accessibility: USSD is available to anyone with a mobile phone, regardless of the type of device or network provider, making it accessible to even farmers in the most remote areas.

  • Simplicity: It is a simple technology that does not require an internet connection or any special hardware or software, making it easy for farmers to use.

  • Cost-effective: USSD does not require any special equipment or software, and has low transaction costs, making it an ideal solution for Agritech companies with limited budgets.

  • Real-time data: It allows for real-time data collection and analysis, which is essential for making informed decisions and responding to changing circumstances.

  • Customizable: it is very customizable and can be used to collect a wide range of data, including farmer information, crop data, weather information, market prices, and more.

How Can We Help?

Mteja is a customer engagement platform that provides businesses with a suite of communication tools to engage with their customers. Our USSD solution provides an easy and efficient way for Agritech companies to collect data from farmers. By using their mobile phones to respond to prompts, farmers can provide the necessary information without the need for complex forms or surveys. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that valuable data is collected accurately and efficiently.

With Mteja’s USSD solution, Agritech companies can overcome the challenges that have hindered data collection in the past. Our platform is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their USSD surveys to specific needs and collect valuable data that can be used to make informed decisions and drive growth in the agricultural sector. With reliable and accessible data, Agritech firms can better understand the specific needs of farmers and provide tailored solutions that address their challenges. Mteja's USSD solution can empower Agritech companies to unlock the potential of the agricultural sector in Africa, driving growth and prosperity for millions of farmers.


In conclusion, it is clear that USSD technology presents a valuable opportunity for Agritech companies to overcome the challenges they face in data collection. By utilizing this technology, you can access a simple and efficient method of gathering and managing data. Overall, with the potential for increased accessibility and affordability of data collection tools, the future of African agriculture looks promising. Reach out today to learn more about how our powerful communication platform can transform your data collection efforts.

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