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How Mteja can assist your business to stay connected anywhere.
How Mteja can assist your business to stay connected anywhere.

Usecases, Benefits of running a cloud call center on Mteja

Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
Updated over a week ago

Most enterprises rely on on-premise call centers, where the communication hardware, software, and infrastructure all remain at the business. Meaning that in order for sales and support activities to take place, staff must be at the office premise.

External factors such as; natural disasters, disease pandemics or security threats, may make it difficult for employees to report to their workplace, thus disrupting key business activities.

More and more companies are moving towards cloud hosted call centers. The reason for the move will be evident from the discussion below. But first, let’s define what a cloud call center is.

When you use a cloud call center, you generally use the services of a third-party vendor who hosts all the communication software, hardware and infrastructure for you on the cloud or virtually. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, while you use the call center system as a service.

Mteja  offers a ready made cloud call center solution, currently serving over 100 businesses across 8 African market to easily manage communication over Calls and SMS. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Mteja Cloud Call Centre

  1. Adaptability: Because Mteja uses your Internet connection for call traffic and is hosted in the Cloud, should you need to relocate for any reason (a planned business expansion or an unexpected emergency such as flood) your can be able to access Mteja's dashboard on any device browser plugged into the Internet connection at another site to get you up and running again quickly without the need to change your number or ‘move’ a cumbersome system.

  2.  Scalability:  A business can be able to scale up or down, without the cost and hassle of installing additional telephone lines each time to accommodate them. Mteja can even incorporate home/remote workers or warehouses/branch offices.

  3. Cost-effective:  There is no need to buy expensive hardware, an agent only needs a good pair of headsets with a microphone and a stable internet connection, and they are good to go.

  4. Abundant and useful Features: In addition to making and receiving calls over the Internet, Mteja offers other useful features such as call recording, call transfer, call hold, customer interactions insights. These features add further value to an already cost effective solution.

  5. Easy to use:You don’t need to be a tech genius to get started on using the soft phone, to make calls. No additional training is required to be able to make and receive calls, as it works the same way as a mobile phone.

At Mteja, we recommend cloud-based systems due to the obvious advantages in cost, time, reliability, and security. Talk to us at to learn more on how your business can stay accessible anywhere. 

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