Question: What is the difference between the phone number my business uses and the phone number I will use to make and receive calls on Mteja?

Answer: The phone number you will use on Mteja is a telephone number you will use to receive or make calls on your browser, and also route calls to other user's actual phone number or numbers, without the need of  physical hardware such PBX or a switchboard.

Question: What is an IVR?
Answer: An IVR is also known as an Interactive Voice Response. It is a call center feature that allows callers to select from a menu of automated prompts in order to get routed to the most appropriate place they can get assistance.

Question: Can I make and receive calls on my browser?

Answer: Yes, this is made possible once you purchase a phone number on Mteja. 

Question: Do I need an internet connection to make and receive calls on my browser?

Answer: Yes, this service uses your internet to enable you to make and receive calls on your browser.

Question: What happens if I receive a call when I am not connected to an internet connection?

Answer: The call will be directed to voicemail, which you can access from the voice mail page.

Question: What type of browser do I need to make browser calls?

Answer:  You can make browser calls on the following browsers; Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari.

Question: Can I make calls from a mobile phone browser?

Answer: Yes, you can make calls from your inbuilt browser, or any browsers for Android and IOS systems.

Question: Do I need to buy special hardware to make and receive calls on the browser?

Answer: No, all you need is a pair of good headphones or earphones that have a microphone.

Question: Can I make mass calls on Mteja?

Answer: Yes, you can be able to make mass calls as well as automate mass calls (learn more).

Question: What file formats can I upload on Mteja?
Answer: You can upload files in .MP3 and . WAV format files.

Question: Can I record a call on Mteja?
Answer: Yes, you can record inbound and outbound calls by checking the record option.

Question: Can I have a whitelist and a blacklist as well?
Answer: You can only have one or the other.

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