What is a wallet?

Your wallet holds the financial resources that allows you to access the products and services on Mteja.

Where can I see my balance on Mteja?

The balance is displayed at the top right hand side of the screen, when you access a team or an App.

You can also set the wallet to display in your preferred currency. This doesn't your balance, it is to allow you to better perceive the amount in your local currency.

Steps on how to view your Top ups

  1. Go to Team menu, and select Billing button

2.  Select the Top Ups Button. All top ups are displayed, and can be navigated page wise 

How to view wallet Deductions

Users can view their deductions on the platform in two ways:
i) View from Wallet History 

Steps to view deductions from Wallet History

  1.  From the Billing Menu, select the Wallet History button. All deductions are displayed on the page, with the transaction type detailed.

2. This data can be filtered by period 

4. And exported as an Excel file for analytics

ii) Deductions

Steps to view deductions from deductions page

From the Billing Menu, select the Deductions button. All deductions are displayed on the page and can be navigated by page

The export button allows records to be exported with all deductions on your Mteja account.

How to set up Low Balance Alert.

Users can also set up a balance alert, for when the funds in the wallet drop below the threshold amount.

  1. Click on the Balance Alerts button, Enable the balance alert button

2. Fill in the details required and press save

You can reach out to us at support@mteja.io with any questions you may have regarding wallet.

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