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How to Streamline Your Business Communication
How to Streamline Your Business Communication

January 2022 Newsletter

Written by Diviniah Mbaire
Updated over a week ago

In this new year, streamlining the way your business engages with customers is one way you can boost your sales this year.

Mteja enables you to communicate effectively with your customers through channels such as SMS, USSD, Voice/IVR, and Airtime.

Here is how your business can maximise its customer engagement using Mteja’s omnichannel solution:

Bulk SMS

  • Send marketing campaign messages to your customers and track the delivery.

  • Run customer support activities using conversations on a unified shortcode.

  • Send personalised/unique messages at scale to your customers.

Call Center

  • Optimise your marketing and communication activities by sending out call broadcasts and reaching your customers using automated voice calls.

  • Set up your business' help desk menus on IVR for better collaboration, smarter daily workflows, and provision of swift customer support.


The possibilities are endless with USSD, here are some of the use cases that your business can run on the channel: payments, customer loyalty campaigns, Surveys and data collection, security and authentication, onboarding activities, help centre and FAQ. Mteja has made it easy for you to set up a USSD application in minutes!


Marketing incentives are rewards given by a business to current and potential customers to promote conversions. These conversions could include initial purchasing, repeat purchasing, website visits, email signups, referrals, and more.

  • Airtime is an effective tool for incentivising your customers when running promotions or when they take part in a survey to increase participation.

  • Reward customers to encourage repeat purchases and build brand loyalty.

  • Send airtime to your staff members at once and monitor the delivery reports.

Book a Demo and talk to us to find out how your business can gain more value by using Mteja this year.

Happy New Year,

The Mteja Team

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