Mteja allows users to visually define complex USSD menus and integrates with any system to collect the outcome of USSD interactions. Using our flows functionality users can set up nested menus, monitor and track interactions, and generate reports all from a web portal with a user interface.

One can also access tools such as; sentiment analysis, data validation, integration capabilities, aimed at empowering businesses to have meaningful customer interactions.

How do I create a USSD application?

Once one acquires a USSD code, you will be able to access the USSD flows function.

Below is a sample user journey for setting up a data collection USSD application.

  1. Select the Flows button from the app menu

  2. Click on the create new flow button

3. Select the USSD flow option under the Flow type

4. Add a name and a description of the APP, then click the NEXT button

5. From the Steps menu on the LHS of the screen users can select the menu actions via drag and drop to the menu builder.

List of actions available on the Steps.

Actions and their use:

Message response: This refers to the final message that a user will see once they have gone through the USSD menu.

Basic question: This action allows users to collect data based on random choice. For instance data such as name, age, location etc can be collected using this option.

Prompt question: The action allows users to create nested menus within their USSD application.

Web query: This allows a user to be able to query information or data from an external system and fetch results in real-time. For instance, to validate a user request made on the USSD application.

a) In the user journey below, we will start with a basic question to collect the respondent's name via the following steps, by selecting the step in the menu actions

You will be prompted to do the following:

  • Type in the question text

  • Key in the field name (data field name) i.e. name

See the completed step below:

b) Using the prompts menu, we will create the step for collecting data for gender

You will be prompted to do the following:

  • Type in the question text

  • Key in the field name i.e. gender

  • Click on the PROMPT button to set up the prompts that correspond with the menu option

  • The sample journey below shows the digits selected that would represent either Female and Male when selected.

From the steps menu, select the message response action

  • Click on the Enter message section to type in the final message that would be displayed at the end of the survey.

  • Click on Save to complete the set. up steps.

How to set up a USSD application to a USSD code

Here are the steps to set a USSD application live

  1. From the app menu, click on the channels button

2. On the channels page, select USSD

3. Under the Flow/Link section, click on the button NONE to link the USSD Application to the code available

4. From the USSD flow drop-down menu select the application

5. Click on the UPDATE button to complete the steps.

The USSD application is now accessible on the USSD code

Feel free to reach us at with queries regarding how you can set up your USSD application.

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