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Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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FESK is a non-political body created to help and maintain a network of Field Epidemiologists who have graduated from the Kenya Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (K-FELTP). FESK aims to be a resource for the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) and Global Public Health networks.

The problem

FESK was looking for a feedback system that would allow them to collect data on mortality rates in the rural area. The audience was mostly semi-literate and mostly understood their local language. In order to run a successful program, they needed a communication channel that would be quick to implement with no technical requirements.

The Solution

Mteja offered a ready-made platform which FESK to send SMS messages, receive responses in the local dialect. All received messages contained, the sender’s phone number, the content of the message and a timestamp. The system also has a "filter" mechanism that checks if an SMS is coming from a number in the contacts list. This would ensure that they would only receive SMS responses from people that they allowed messaging the shortcode. This was essential to ensure that they were only receiving insights from their target audience.

Analytics on the platform, also shows the response rate over a time period, allowing them to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

In conclusion

Mteja has helped FESK to meet its programs core mission by offering them a reliable platform that could meet their need to communicate with their participants. The platform’s adaptability allows the messages to be sent and received in the local dialect which enabled them to communicate effectively with no additional technical requirement.

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