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Creative Action Institute's Customer Success Story
Creative Action Institute's Customer Success Story
Written by Stephany Pagliaccia
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Through the East African Girls' Leadership Summit (EAGLS) & Mentor Program, the Creative Action Institute organization aims to develop the leadership and advocacy skills of East African girl leaders and mentors, creating a powerful regional network equipped to break down barriers to girls’ education and gender equality. The program runs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The problem

Creative Action Institute was looking for an interactive communication platform that would enable them to engage with participants. The platform would not require a lot of technical requirements in order to operate.

The Solution

Creative Action Institute chose Mteja as the platform was able to meet their core needs. The platform met their requirement of allowing recipients to be engaged, as well as the capabilities of monitoring the delivery of messages. Thus ensuring that the information will have been received by the participants. Contacts could be segmented into different groupings to make it easier for the facilitators to send messages to participants according to the preferred language. To ensure that follow ups could be made easily, responses by each participant were displayed in separate threads to ensure that feedback could be quickly responded to.

In conclusion

Creative Action Institute core mission is to contribute to efforts of shifting learning pedagogies in the region through robust education partnerships. Mteja was able to assist CAI to meet its communication needs by offering a reliable platform that could meet their need to communicate with their participants.

The platform’s adaptability allows the messages to be sent and received in the local dialect which enables them to communicate effectively with no additional technical requirement. Monitoring of message delivery, ensures that Creative Action Institute can be assured that the information has reached the recipient.

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