What is a tag?

A tag helps you to group contacts that have the same relationship. A tag can be based on a job category, industry, company name etc.

What is the field?

A field helps to narrow down tags to a specific category. A field can be a job level, location, industry subcategory etc.

To recap on how to upload contacts click here.

Steps on how to tag a contact.

You can tag a contact in two ways:

a) Add a column in the Excel file, containing the tag name(s):

b) Add the tags, at the point of uploading contacts on the platform

Click on the UPLOAD button to finish uploading the contacts.

You can add a field by selecting a contact

Click the edit icon, then select + ADD FIELD button to input the details

Click on SAVE icon, to complete the process

 All tags and fields are displayed on each contact

How to filter contacts uploaded on Mteja.

You can also filter by Tag or Field, 

Example of searching by field

Contact us at support@mteja.io with any queries you may have regarding contacts.

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