What is a sender ID?

A Sender ID is a service that enables your recipient to identify who sent them a message,by allowing you to brand the message with the name of an individual or company name.
The default sender ID is MTEJA.

Who can be able to apply for a sender ID?

The service is accessible to both individuals and business organizations.

What is the process of applying for a sender ID?

i) Sender ID for a business.

Required documents

  • An authorization letter

If the sender ID is for a product or service, additional documents include:

  • Company certificate of incorporation

  • Trademark certificate

ii) Sender ID for an Individual.

  • An authorization letter

  • Certified copies of National identification card

  • Sworn Affidavit

How long does it take to have the sender ID registered?

The application process takes between 2 to 14 working days.Β 

The Safaricom network accepts submissions on Mondays and Thursdays by midday, and the registration is done on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively.

The Airtel network accepts submissions on Wednesdays by midday, while the registration takes place every Friday.

The ID will be made available to your account once it is ready for use.

Email us on info@mteja.io to find out how you can get your sender ID now.

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