Select the App you wish to add contacts to;

From the overview menu, select the contacts button.

 You can add contacts on Mteja in two ways;

  • Manual upload

i) Click on the Add contacts button.

ii) Type in the recipient’s' name and number.

iii) Click on the plus sign (+) button.

iv) Select the upload button, to add the contact.

  • Excel file upload

i) Click on the Add contacts button.

ii) Select the Files button, and select the Excel file containing the contacts.

iii) Click on the UPLOAD button to add the contacts to the portal.

How to edit or delete a contact

Click on the Actions buttons next to the contact you wish to edit or delete.

Choose the action you would like to perform.

Click on the Edit option, and make the needed changes

Click SAVE button, to complete the process

Clicking on the delete button, the contact gets deleted immediately.

To learn how you can group contacts together using the tag feature click here.

Contact us at with any questions you may have regarding how to upload contacts to Mteja.

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