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How To Set Up Your WhatsApp Team Inbox on Mteja.
How To Set Up Your WhatsApp Team Inbox on Mteja.

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Mteja’s WhatsApp solution provides your business with an easy and innovative channel to connect with your customers. Our solution is a zero-tech platform specifically designed for SMEs and large enterprise businesses to communicate with their audiences.

What is the Team Inbox?

The team inbox shows all conversations that are running over your WhatsApp application on Mteja. The feature is equipped with the following key features:

  1. Agents to auto-assign: this allows users to be auto-assigned to conversations.

  2. Analyse Sentiment: A useful natural language processing (NLP) tool that can automatically analyse and categorise conversations with your audience as positive, negative, or neutral.

  3. Status Options: a list of options that can be assigned to a conversation, to denote the context or indicate at what point the conversation is. For instance Open and Closed etc.

  4. Inbound Messaging Mode: refers to customer-initiated conversations that the team inbox can facilitate. The available messaging modes are:

  • Auto-reply; users can set up an auto-response message anytime a customer chats you, to acknowledge the receipt of their message.

  • Manual messaging; the feature allows users to engage in one-on-one conversations, and,

  • Chatbots; set up conversational bots through flows to automate your interactions.

How to set up the Team Inbox.

Click on WhatsApp from the APP menu, and click on the WhatsApp Numbers button.

Click on the SETTINGS button on the team inbox.

You will land on set up page, allowing you to configure the team page

Click on the Enable button

Other selections available include:

  • Mark all as read, which allows for all conversations received to be automatically marked as read.

  • Sentiment analysis, to analyse the conversations received over the team inbox.

  • Agents to auto assign: this will allow conversations to be assigned to agents as soon as they reach the team inbox.

  • Status Options, this can enable agents to assign specific statuses to the conversations they are running. (click on the enter key to separate multiple statuses)

Set up the Inbound Messaging Mode

1. How to set up the Auto reply Inbound Messaging Mode

Click on the Auto reply on the option

Input the automated message that should be sent out once the message has been received.

Set up the time when the auto-reply message should be sent out every time a message is received.

Click on the SAVE button to complete setting up the Team Inbox.

2. How to set up the Manual Messaging Inbound Messaging Mode

Select the Manual Messaging options

Click on the SAVE button to complete setting up the Team Inbox

3. How to set up the Chatbot Inbound Messaging Mode

Select the Chatbot option

Click on the COPY FROM WHATSAPP FLOW button

On the dialog box, click on the Select WhatsApp Flow, and select the WhatsApp flow you would like to set up:

Click on the Copy & Replace button to complete the set up.

Other settings:

Edit Flow Settings; this will allow you to edit the WhatsApp Flow that is in use.

You can edit the steps in the WhatsApp Flow from the Steps menu.

Under the START option, you can set up the following:

Opt in Keywords, you can set up the options, the following options are available:

  • Use Keywords, which will initiate the chatbot when the customer sends a specific word is used to start a conversation. For instance; START, HELP etc.

  • Use Any word, this will initiate the chatbot regardless of any word the customer uses to start a conversation.

  • Disable Opt in, this will disable the chatbot.

Optional steps: Opt out keywords, you can set up the options to enable one to stop the chatbot interaction, For instance; STOP etc.

  • Reset keywords, this would allow the Chatbot menu to start again.

Click on the SAVE button to complete the changes.

You can also select whether the customer would be able to interact with the Chatbot more than once, by checking the Reset after flow completion option.

Under Notifications settings, you can also configure.

  • Callback URL sends notifications of the responses received on the Chatbot to a third-party application of your choice.

Optional step: Input the Email addresses that you would like the responses would be sent to.

Click on the SAVE button located at the top right-hand side of the screen to set up the ChatBot.

The service is now ready, your customers can engage with you over WhatsApp.

If you have any queries about the service, please reach out to us at

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