What are surveys?

Surveys allow businesses to run two-way engagements over SMS, where they can send and receive feedback from their customers. This is made possible by the SMS channels i.e. Dedicated short codes and shared shortcodes (learn more).

Users can run inbound and outbound surveys on the platform, i.e. surveys where users opt-in to participate in a survey or businesses can send the survey to the recipients.

Mteja allows businesses to easily structure and automate conversations using SMS surveys.

How do you run surveys on the Mteja platform?

Users have access to a feature that enables businesses to easily structure and automate conversations referred to as SMS Flow. The functionality is a visual building tool that allows users to meet needs such as; conducting surveys, NPS, automating lead acquisition & onboarding processes, and facilitating support among other activities. To learn how do you set up an SMS Flow, click here.

How do I set up a survey on Mteja?

You have the option to use an existing SMS Flow that had been previously created on the dashboard, or you can create a new SMS flow as part of the setup process.

Once you choose whether to use an existing flow or to create a new SMS flow, the next step is to configure the survey keywords:
Opt-out: This allows a survey respondent to end their participation in the survey
Opt-in: This allows survey respondents to join the survey, using the keyword(s) set

Reset: It allows a respondent to restart the survey, any previous responses inputted will be discarded.

Please note; if you choose not to set up the keywords, participants will not be able to opt-out, opt in or reset the survey.

Notification settings allow for the responses to be sent to your existing database through a callback URL, or to an email address. You have the option to receive results after the recipient has answered all the questions or after each question.

If you have selected to use an existing SMS flow, or you are choosing to create a new one, you are able to edit the flow before setting saving it as part of your survey.

You are presented with a preview of the settings selected in the survey creation. Once confirmed that all the settings are okay, you can create the survey.

How do I run an outbound survey on Mteja?

Once you have created your survey, you can send it you your recipients either using a dedicated or a shared shortcode. Here you can upload your file of recipients or use your already saved contacts on the platform, or add the phone numbers manually.

After selecting the contacts, send out your survey to your recipients.

How do I run an inbound survey on Mteja?

How do I access survey reports?

The platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to enable users to analyze the data collected when running the surveys.

The insights page offers a summary analysis of the following:

All surveys - all surveys that have run.

Unique customers - the number of new customers that have been engaged.

Average Response Success Rate - the proportion of successful responses received against all the surveys ran.

Average Response Bounce Rate - the proportion of unsuccessful responses received against all the surveys ran.

To access the survey reports for individual surveys ran, click on the Survey Reports from the menu.

Click on the View button to access the survey you would like to see the results.

The overview page shows a summary of the survey engagement.

Click on the Response Map to see, the participation of respondents to each question.

Click on the Collected Data to view the responses recieved.

Click on the Events Log to view the activities that took place within the Surveys.

The Events Log, allows you to filter by the following options:

  • Date: You can view the events by time period

  • Event type: the type of event that has taken place.

The types of events are:

Bounced Message Received - responses to surveys received after the survey has ended. E.g. responses received once the survey already timed out.

Bounced Message Received (Shared) - responses to surveys received after the survey 6-hour time out has passed.

Channel Initialized - refers to when a survey has been successfully linked to a dedicated or shared SMS code.

Customer Data Removed (Shared) -

Customer Data Updated -

Customer Data Updated (Shared) -

Contact - the respondent's phone number

Direction - whether the message was sent (Outbound) or received (Inbound)

The data is exportable as a CSV extract, by clicking the Export button.

Reach us at support@mteja.io for additional support or if you have any queries with the service.

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