What is SMS Flows?

We have introduced a feature that enables businesses to easily structure and automate conversations using an SMS Shortcode (SMS Flow). This feature would enable you to meet needs such as; conducting surveys, NPS, automating lead acquisition & onboarding processes, and facilitate support among other activities.

How to set up SMS Flows?

a) Select Flows from the menu

b) Click the Create new flow button, and select the SMS option

c) Provide SMS flow details i.e. Name and Description

d) Click Next, to set configure the flow

i. Set up the start keyword(s) - to enable initiate the survey

ii. Set up a reset keyword(s) - to enable a survey respondent to be taken back to restart the survey, if they would like to start over. This is optional.

iii. Enter an email address(es) that responses can be sent to

iv. Set an end phrase. This is optional.

v. Configure a call back URL: allows survey responses to be sent as notifications. This is optional.

vi. Set up the reset after completion. This is optional.

e) Click on the NEXT button to complete the set up.

f) Setting up the Questions: The flow builder shows the start button.

To set up the survey question, you will need to drag and drop the steps from the Steps menu on the left hand side of the screen.

The following options are available:

Message response: This would show the last message, for instance when the customer has come to the end of the survey.

There are two types of questions:

Basic question: a question that requires an answer of the respondents choice. However, the response can be validated to meet a certain criteria.

Prompt question: a question that would determine the next question

Responses to basic questions can be validated to meet a certain criteria.

The following example shows how to set up a 2 step questionnaire survey.

i) Drag the basic question option on to the flow builder:

Click on the enter field name to expand a menu on the right hand side, and key in the necessary details, such as; question text, field name, tags etc

The question above can be clustered together to show a specific outcome, e.g. the highest or lowest rating received by the respondents. The field aggregation option can be used. In addition a regex (regular expression) can be set up to allow the options to between 0- 10, and invalid message when an incorrect input is received.

ii) Drag the prompt step to the flow, click on the Enter field name to expand a menu on the right hand side, and key in the necessary details such as; question text, field name, tags etc

iii) Under the prompt menu, select the prompts corresponding with the options by naming them appropriately

iv) Drag the Message response, click on the Enter message text to expand a menu on the right hand side, and key in the necessary details i.e. question text, tags etc

Click on the SAVE button to complete the set up

g) Setting up the survey live

i) Select the channels options and select SMS option

ii) Select the NONE button corresponding to the short code

iii) Under the drop down select the flow containing the survey

iv) Select the flow and click SAVE

The Survey flow is ready for use

g) Where to view received response

i) Select the flow from the flows page

ii) Select Logs, to view the responses received

iii) Click on the Export REPORT to export a record of the responses as an Excel record

Reach us at support@mteja.io to learn more about how this feature can benefit your business.

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