What is the Dial Action?

The Dial Action allows the user to set up a call flow that redirects any received call to the browser or to a number.  (What is a Call Flow?)

How to implement the Dial Action in the Call Flow?

1. From the Overview page, click on the Flow button on the left navigation bar.
2. Click on the Create new flow button.

3. Select the flow type

4. Type in the Name and Description of the flow, then click Save.

5. select the ADD ACTION button, 

Under options, select the Dial Action

5. Under the Dial option, Click the ADD button, and select whether you want to receive the calls as a browser call i.e. User or direct to a mobile phone i.e. Phone Number or both

i) Under the User option the User's email display the members that belong in your app

ii) Under the Phone Number allows you to list any member of your team even if they do not belong to you Mteja App.

iii) Select the Virtual Phone Number that should make the call to the mobile phone number

Example below shows both the User and Phone Number options selected

6. Select whether you would like the users to have a hold music when the call is put on hold (learn more

7. Select the Record button to ensure all received calls are recorded 

8. Lastly indicate whether you would like the calls to be directed in sequence i.e. whether the call should be transferred from the user to the phone number.

9. Click the SAVE button to save the call flow

To apply the above call flow to your phone number, click this Guide Article .


  1. All calls dialed out to a mobile number incur both inbound and outbound call costs. 

  2. A caller will only get charged if the call is picked by the agent.

If you have any questions regarding this feature or its capabilities reach us on support@mteja.io

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