What are SMS Forums?

Mteja enables you to set up SMS forums where your members can communicate amongst themselves using SMS. This is made possible via two-way messaging on the shortcode service. Forums can be used to conduct research and easily gather feedback over a service or product or as a notifications channel. 

A forum can be closed or open. Open means members can join using a subscribe keyword, while closed means only the forum moderator can add members.

Features of SMS Forums

  1. Subscribe Keywords: These are keywords such us; Join, Interested, opt-in, Yes, etc. that recipients can send to the shortcode in order to successfully join a forum.

  2. Unsubscribe keywords: These are keywords such us; leave, opt-out, etc. that recipients who are already part of a forum can use to leave.

  3. Moderator: This feature allows the owner of the SMS forum to monitor members’ activities. A moderator can add and remove members from the forum, as well as broadcast messages to all forum members.

  4. Analytics: The feature allows the owner to view; the total number of SMS interactions, the number of members who joined or left the SMS forum, over a period of time i.e. daily, weekly, etc.

  5. Automatic response: This is a message that is sent every time a member joins or leaves a forum.


Below are the costs associated with setting up and running an SMS forum.

  1. Toll-free shortcode

Toll free shortcode set up - KES 20,000 (caters to all networks

Monthly Maintenance per Telco (Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel and Telkom) - KES 20,000 

    2. SMS cost for every SMS

Every SMS sent by a forum member gets broadcast to every other member. The rate of an SMS is KES 0.90 cents, and is calculated as: 

Total cost = (Total no. of forum members - 1) multiplied by the rate of SMS. For example; if your forum has 10 members, the total cost for each SMS received by your members = (10 - 1)* KES 0.90 = KES 8.1

Reach us at support@mteja.io to learn more about how this feature can benefit your business.

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