What is conversations?

This is a feature that allows you to receive responses from your recipients. This is through a dedicated shortcode or shared shortcode also known as keyword service (learn more)

How it works?

Once you acquire a shortcode or keyword, you will be able to send and receive messages using the conversations.

Upon log in, click on your APP

  1. Select the conversations from the overview menu:

2. Click the start conversations button, 

3. Choose the dedicated shortcode or keyword you wish to use. in the example below the keyword mteja was selected, it is hosted on the shortcode 20409

4. Check the start multiple button, to begin the conversation with more than one recipient

You can start a conversation by typing the name, the tag of the group or the phone numbers of the recipients, learn how to upload contacts here

5. Select the recipients, 

6. Type your message, and click the START button

7. To see the sent messages, click on All from the Conversations main menu

The recipients appear as individual threads, to allow for one-on-one conversations to occur

8. To view recipients' response, select a recipient

Tip: you can link an automatic response to a shortcode or keyword that can be sent immediately a message is received. 

9. You can tag the message with a Note, by clicking the ADD NOTE button to type the note

Notes can be viewed by any team member for easy collaboration.

12. The responses are exportable, the export button is located at the top right hand side. Click on All Conversations button:

13. Under sequences select the Shortcode or Keyword

ii. Sample shows Keyword Mteja -20409

14. Select the date within which you would like to generate the records from

ii) Sample shows records for between 10 - 13 March 2021

15. Click the Export button, the records are exported in Excel file format.

Reach us at support@mteja.io with any questions over the conversations feature.

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