Mteja offers browser calls where individuals can be able to make and receive calls on their browser, on their laptop or desktop. All one needs is a good pair of earphones with a mic and a good internet connection to get started. You will then need to purchase a phone number, in order to make and receive browser calls.

Mteja offers three types of phone numbers:

  • Regular numbers; can make and receive browser calls.
  • Toll free numbers; can only receive browser calls.
  • Premium numbers; can only receive calls at a premium rate.

Click learn more  to know which type of phone number that would suit your needs.

Here are the steps to make a browser call

In order to make and receive calls, you will need a regular number, to learn how to purchase one click here.

  1. Access the App, to see the phone widget at the bottom right of the screen

2. Click the phone widget to access the dialpad

3. Select the calling number, this is the number that will appear on the recipient's phone when the call is received.

4. Key in the number of the recipient, depending on the calling number the default country code will appear.

5. Click on the call button (green button), the next screen shows the number being called +254717625760, as well as the call status RINGING

6. Once the call picks up, the call status changes to ONGOING, and two features tags and notes appear on the dial pad

The tag field allows for the caller to insert the reason of the call, i.e. sales, support etc which are the default tags available. The caller can add custom tags as desired by typing the tag and pressing the ENTER key on the keyboard to submit. In the call below, custom tags; Testing and Successful were added:

 7. The notes field allows for users to add additional context to the call.

8. Click the End call button (red button), to end the call. 

9. You will be prompted to rate the call, this is optional.

10. Click the done button after rating the call.

How to receive browser calls 

In order to receive calls on your browser you will need to set up a call flow; also known as IVR this refers to a simple menu that callers go through before the call is received in your browser (learn more steps here).

a) A simple IVR/call flow can have two steps;
i) Play a welcome message,
ii) Dial a user

Here are the steps

  1. From the call flow page

2. Click the create call flows button

3. Input the title of the call flow and add a description

4. Click the add Action button, to add the first action, in this case Play
i) Step one

ii) Step two

iii) Step three

iv) Step four

v) Step five

vi) Step six

2. Link the call flow to a phone number:
i) Select Phone Number from the overview menu

ii) Select the Phone Number that you want to link the call flow to

iii) Change the working hours to Always open, 

  • learn more about how to configure your phone number here

iv) Under the call flow drop-down list,  

Select the call flow

v) Save the changes

3. Make the call to the phone number, in the example below: shows an incoming call

Once the call is received, accessing to the tag and notes features is available.

How to view all calls received and made from your Mteja account

  1. Click the call logs button on the overview menu

2. All browser calls are displayed 

To learn more about the tag and notes feature, see this guide article.

Reach us at regarding browser calls

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