A call queue is a virtual line that callers fall into when they call a business, but an agent isn't immediately available (learn more).

The call queue offers analytics on data over a particular period, see figure below.

You can filter based on: 

  • Total call durations

  • Average call wait times

  • Talk durations

  • Number of received calls

  • Dropped calls 

How to filter data

You can filter the data based on the above criteria, as well as on a particular time period. By default the data for the current month is always displayed.

  1. How to filter data based on Criteria

To view based on a criteria, check off on the legends containing the data you do not need. This removes the data from the graph.

See below on the steps to follow for instance to view the dropped call rates for the month.

i) By default all data is displayed, represented by the legends at the top of the graphs.

figure 1.1 shows the data based on all criterias.

ii) Check of on the legends, for the data you do not want to appear in the graph

figure 1.2 shows dropped calls over the current month.

2. How to filter data for a particular time period

i) Click on the drop-down list (This Month) displayed above the graphs

ii) From the drop-down select the desired time period:

iii) In this example, Custom was chosen. (Custom is ideal to filter data on a specific time period e.g. filter for data over; six months, two years etc).
Below steps show how to view the dropped call rates between September and October.

a) Select the date range

b) Select the first date from the calendar on the left and the last date from the calendar on the right. The image shows the date range selected

c) Click enter to view the data for the time period selected.

How to filter data for call queue agent

  1. Click on the Agents button

2. Select the Agent you wish to view the data 

3. The default data shown will be for the current month 

4. Select the criteria from the by checking against the legend you wish to see or select the time period you wish to view. The figure below shows the data of talk durations for an agent over a period of two months.

What are the benefits of a call queue management to a business?

Effective call queue management can help your business in many different aspects.

  • While the IVR/ call flow allows for quick self-service the call routing tools helps callers get connected to the correct agents the first time increasing first contact resolution rates. This is a KPI that Mteja allows your business to monitor in order to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate.

  • Using call wait time can be a great KPI, as it can help to pinpoint which agents may be struggling, and help uncover underlying issues not immediately apparent.

  • The call queue offers an alternative affordable marketing channel, as businesses can be able to set up promotional content to play as the caller is on queue.

Some other benefits of the call queue include:

  1. Preventing agents from missing calls and possibly losing business.

  2. Properly organized queues can help agents stay organized and ultimately help reduce churn.

  3. The ability to quantify your agents work can help better streamline operations and further enhance the customer experience.

Reach out to us at support@mteja.io if you have any additional questions regarding the call queue feature and how your business can benefit from it.

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