The call queue is introduced into the call center in the Call Flow or IVR, learn more about what a call flow is on this article.

Here are the steps on how to add a call queue to the call flow, When done correctly, good call queue management can lead to reduced wait times and overall better customer experience.

  1. Select the call flow button to access or create a call flow

2. Select the call flow you would like to introduce the call queue

3. Replace the Dial action with Call Queues
a) Under Actions, click on the drop-down iconĀ 

b) Select the call queue button

c) Select the call queue

Click on the queue from the drop down

d) Click save to complete adding the queues to the call flow.

How an Agent can receive calls from a call queue
i) Click on the dial button

ii) Click on the settings button:

iii) Click on the call Queues button

iv) Check the button for the call queue you have been added to

Then click on the Back Button, to start receiving calls

When an agent wants to no longer receive calls, they can go back to Call Queues in settings, and uncheck the button for the queue they wish to stop receiving calls from.

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