You can view all your call logs on the call log page, by clicking on the Call Logs button on the voice overview menu:

How to filter call logs.

Call logs can be filtered using the following:

  • Number/ Contacts - The recipient's phone number
  • Note - All calls that contain notes
  • Tags - All calls that contain tags
  • Collected digits - All calls that contain collected digits
  • Last Action - The last action taken by the caller.

Steps on how to filter your call logs by date

  1. Input the date period you wish to filter by, under Select range. Select the start date from the first calendar and the last date from the second one.

ii) The call logs will appear automatically once you select the last date range.

iii) Exporting call records

It is possible to access the call logs, in an Excel file, to do so. Click on the Export icon located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Reach us at with any questions regarding the filter feature.

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