You need to purchase a Phone Number in order to make calls from your browser. 

You will need headphones that have a microphone.

Steps to make a browser

  1. Once logged in, select an App

2. Click on the phone icon, located at the bottom right of your screen

3. Select the number to use for making your call

4. Select the country code, and then key in the phone number

5. Press call button

6. Once the recipient picks up, other features become active for use 

These include Tags, to enable agents to group call based on topics and Notes, where an agent can jot down notes during a call for additional context

7. Once the call is ended, you can access it in the call logs

How to view the call logs

Click on call center button from the menu, on the APP page

Click on Call Logs on the Cloud Call Center menu

Select the call in order to view details

Sample call log, details contained in a call log include:

Caller, recipient, duration, cost, time when the call was logged, recordings, tags and notes etc.

How to add a contact to your address book from the call log on Mteja.

If the phone number is not saved in your contact, hover over the number a dialogue box pops up to allow you to add it to your contacts.

Key in the name

Key in the additional details, including tags and fields (learn more) where

Click SAVE to add the contact 

Reach us at with any questions regarding how to make browser calls.

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