What does it mean to configure a Phone Number?

Configuring means setting up how the Phone number will work to be able to assist you to communicate with your customers.

How to configure a Phone Number

  1. Select the channels button from the menu

2. Select the PHONE NUMBER button,

3. The page displays all the available phone numbers

4. Select the number you want to configure

Always Open means that the number would work 24/7 with the assigned call flow.

Always Closed means that the number will not be able to receive calls.

Custom allows a user to choose different opening and closing hours for different days.

For this example the Always Open option is chosen; you will be prompted to choose a call flow, click the SAVE button to complete set up.

Select the Call flow

Click on SAVE to complete setting the call flow

What is the meaning of Always Closed, and Custom?

If Always Closed is chosen, all incoming calls will be rejected, click SAVE to complete set up.

If Custom is chosen, click Configure to set up the open and closing hours

Set up the open and closed business hours on the time table, 

i) set up open hours between midnight till opening hours - this call flow will be played when a caller calls before open hours.

ii) Set up the call flow for when the business is open

iii) Set up after closing hours call flow

iv) Once the call flow for the week has been set up 

v) click SAVE  to complete set up

vi) Click on the Close button to go back to the main menu page

Call Filter

What is a call filter?

A call filter allows one to set up a list of numbers that are either allowed or disallowed from making calls to your Mteja phone number.

i) None means no filter is set up, and any number can make and receive calls on Mteja.
ii) Blacklist numbers in this list, are barred from making calls to your number on Mteja. Calls from numbers in this list  will be rejected.
iii) Whitelist only numbers in this list, can make calls to your number on Mteja. Calls from numbers not in this list will be rejected.

How to set up a Blacklist

i) Select blacklist from drop down list

ii) Add phone numbers via either Excel file, or Type the numbers

Click on the SAVE button, to add the blacklisted numbers

How to set up a Whitelist 

i) Select whitelist from the drop down list 

ii) Add phone numbers via Excel file, or Type the numbers

Click the SAVE button, to complete upload of whitelisted numbers

Reach us at support@mteja.io with any queries regarding how to set up a phone number.

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