What is Voicemail?

The action allows a caller to leave a voice message in your mailbox when they call your business number on Mteja, and you are unavailable.

This feature can be used 

  • after business hours, 

  • to reduce call abandonment rates during peak hours

How can I set up the Voicemail feature on Mteja?

You can set up the action in a call flow, or as a stand alone action to take place when a call is received. Click here to learn what a call flow is.

Steps in setting up the voicemail feature

  1. Create the call flow,

Key in name and description, and click SAVE.
2. Select created Call Flow from list, to set up Voicemail

3. Click on the + ADD ACTION button,

4. Under the second ACTION, select Voicemail from the options

5. Under Options, type in List Name. The list name allows you to easily group the voice mails based on the reasons why a caller left a message; e.g. After hours calls

6. Select prompt audio, the audio played will contain the message prompting a caller to leave a message after the beep sound.

7. Click SAVE to complete set up.

The Voicemail action is ready for use.

Where are the voicemails stored?

To listen to received voicemails, click the Voice Mail button under the voice menu,

Select a voicemail from the list, 

 Click the play button to listen

Reach us at support@mteja.io with any queries on the voicemail feature

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