To send airtime on the Mteja platform, log in to the Mteja dashboard and go to your Team and select the App you would like to send airtime from. 

(If you do not have a Team or an App yet, check out the setting up a Team and an App articles to get started.)

In this case, Mteja Group is the Team and Test is the App. Once you have selected the App, click on Send Airtime.

Select the country from the drop down arrow, then enter the amount you would like to send. You are able to send airtime to recipients in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria and the recipient will receive the airtime in the currency of their current location.

Next, upload your list of recipients which can be done either by manually typing the numbers. (Kindly note that invalid numbers will be highlighted in red, therefore be careful as you fill in the numbers.)

or by Uploading an Excel sheet containing your recipients' phone numbers.

Click Send button

Preview before completing the action

Click SEND AIRTIME button to complete

To view sent Airtime, Click the sent button under the Airtime menu

All sent Airtime is available on this page

If you would like to schedule your airtime to send it later, check out the Airtime Scheduling article.

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