To send airtime on the Mteja platform, log in to the Mteja dashboard and go to your Team and select the App you would like to send airtime from. 

(If you do not have a Team or an App yet, check out the setting up a Team and an App articles to get started.)

From the app menu, select the broadcast icon

Under Airtime broadcasts click on Get Started

From the Airtime Broadcasts menu, click on Create

Click on the Regular button

Key in the Name of the broadcast. However this is optional.

Click on Country & Amount

Select the country from the drop down arrow, then enter the amount you would like to send. You are able to send airtime to recipients in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa and the amount of the airtime.

Next, Click the TO button, in order to add your recipients.

This can be done via uploading your list of recipients or manually typing the numbers, as well as selecting a contact or tag

Click the send broadcast button to preview

Click SEND button to complete

To view sent , Click the sent button under the Airtime menu

All sent Airtime is available on this page

If you would like to schedule your airtime to send it later, check out the Airtime Scheduling article.

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